A Very Extraordinary Halloween!

Halloween is a time for kids and adults alike to tap into their imagination and creativity and get to be someone else for a day. EKIPP's youngest member's are no exception, and showed up to our annual Halloween Party representing everything from witches, pirates, tigers, princesses, and more! We had around 40 people attend, which is a great turnout!

Traditional Halloween parties can sometimes be overwhelming, but at EKIPP we are all about low pressure, sensory friendly fun. That meant no scary surprises, flashing lights, or loud music. 
Instead, our little ghosts and ghouls enjoyed a variety of activities suited to different ages and abilities. A craft area encouraged children to decorate their own trick or treat bags and a free play area with toys let parents mingle while kids found a toy of their liking.

Halloween specials played in a corner with comfy seating, and the snack table displayed the various treats generously provided. Spiderweb cookies, banana ghosts and clementine pumpkins, brownies, chips, punch and more kept everyone full.
Halloween wouldn't be Halloween without trick or treating, and for that the older children and adults set up trick or treating stations around the house. It was a joy to see the kids get more confident with each treat they collected. 

A very special thank you to Stacey and Julian for hosting in their new home, to Erin, Kathleen and Emily for organizing, to Rhona, Charlotte, Minette, Christian, Thais, Quentin and everyone else for helping with the activities and for handing out candy to the trick or treaters. 
Another thank you to everyone who brought snacks and candy to distribute, and everyone who supported the party by showing up and helping make it a great time for everyone. An extra special mention goes out to all the kids who showed up, dressed up (even just in spirit!), and helped make the party extraordinary.