Course des Héros: Participant Spotlight

EKIPP has partnered with SPRINT France to participate in the Course des Héros, a charity run/walk event in Paris to raise funds for various associations in France.

EKIPP has formed a fundraising team, with the funds raised dedicated to increasing the bursary awards for families, creating an emergency fund for families facing temporary hardship, running inclusive activities and events, offering parent training and workshops, and more. 

Our goal is to raise 5000 Euros by June 21, 2020, and we need your help!

In the spirit of supporting the participants, we will be shining a spotlight on a few members of our fundraising team each month. Each member is taking the initiative to commit to raising a minimum of 250 euros to be able to participate in the event, and we believe they deserve some attention for it! The link to the EKIPP and SPRINT team fundraising pages will be included below. Please consider supporting these amazing people and this wonderful cause!

This month let's get to know 4 fundraisers in greater detail:

My name is David and I am twelve years old. I like to run and the reason I love to run is because I am full of energy! It also makes me feel challenged. I started running because my Dad inspired me. He runs every day and he is always very happy. I want to run the "Cours des Héros" race because it will help EKIPP continue their work in helping families like mine better adjusting to Paris when moving from other countries.

Ravi and his wife Khushboo relocated to Paris in 2016. He is currently working in a sales/relationship management role for a US based IT services firm in France. They have a lovely 3.5 year old son, Sunay, who was diagnosed with autism at the age of 2. In his leisure time, Ravi likes to network with people and participate in advocacy & volunteering activities. As with most families dealing with spectrum and similar conditions, Ravi feels that his son's autism has taught him patience, empathy and above all made him a much better father, husband and person that he was before diagnosis.

Gudrun has been in France for 10 years and has been raising two extraordinary kids for seven of them. She is grateful to EKIPP for the support and friendship the whole gang has offered and jumped at the chance to help raise funds through the Course des Héros. She loves running for the chance to listen to parenting podcasts and burn off some of the tension that builds up living in an all ADHD household.

Nialani Green is a speech-language pathologist and the Vice President of Sprint. She hopes to raise funds for the SPRINT bursary fund as well as funding for future Sprint event programs including continuing education opportunities for specialists and families. She believes the funding raised from the Course des Héros will help to create stronger partnerships between Sprint and the community.

Want to help these lovely people reach their fundraising goals? You can make a donation at the following links:

EKIPP's fundraising team:

SPRINT's fundraising team: