Educational Resources to get you through the shutdown

*UPDATE: I will be adding to this list periodically, so check back for updates. Some of the resources listed are only free due to the shutdowns in various countries.*

All schools in France from maternelle through universities are set to shut down indefinitely starting March 16, 2020. While schools are obligated to send work home or provide lessons via online platforms, following a traditional lesson plan is not always simple for children with exceptional learning needs or disabilities. Flexibility is key with our kids, and that means being creative, adapting material, and finding out the right balance to make it work. So, whether you are looking to supplement, substitute, or create an entire program from scratch, I've compiled some resources in both French and English to get you started. At the moment they are all free to the best of my knowledge, though some are only temporarily free due to the current extraordinary situation worldwide. Included are texts, worksheets, videos, podcasts, and more. At the bottom of the post there is an updated section with movement and creative activities to keep kids busy with something other than school work!

Resources in French:

(A clickable list of 27 book publishers that made editions temporarily available for free online)  There are activities for multiple levels that follow the national curriculum, including adapted ones for SN. Montessori activities Worksheets and activities Cahiers de vacances that are free to print

Resources in English: Free 1 month trial Some free resources English and Spanish. Free registration. Both free and paid resources for all levels across all grade levels and subjects. Short video lessons for students. Geared more towards older students. Links to many resources. The website is run by an indivdual and there are religious overtones to personal posts, but the resources are varied and useful. Social stories, autism, and hyperlexia focused resources For gifted or older children looking for a challenge, free online courses Run by former teachers, focusing on toddler and elementary levels activities with free printables. Free books! Online activities and games from kindergarten up A site specific to special needs homeschooling with resources and links Currently the resources in this list are specific to the United States and you must enter the name of the shutdown school to gain access in some cases. However, others note that they are working with UNICEF to make their resources available in the coming days. 30 Virtual Field Trips with Kids Learn about programming Celebrities read children's books

Movement and Creative Activities in French and English: Free colouring books from 113 museums Free "relief packs" with colouring, videos, etc. Autism specific ideas and resources from the CRAIF (FRENCH) A chart of over 30 ipad apps for children with special needs YouTube channel Mini ABC, a Quebecois channel for kids featuring yoga, songs, dance, and other fun videos. French. Movement. Cosmic Kids Yoga